Red Copper Wrapper REVIEW

What is Red Copper Wrapper?

It is a plastic wrap and tin foil dispenser provided with an internal cutting mechanism which cuts wraps easily and safely.Red Copper Wrapper is an innovative dispenser crafted to work like a one-touch cutter that simplifies the task of wrapping leftover foods.


Red Copper Wrapper Reviews

One customer Delores Waters who bought Red Copper Wrapper reveals in her review that it is only good in theory. Practically it is difficult to cut with uneven or mangled edges surfacing.

Felicia Elliot, a customer who used Red Copper Wrapper asserts that its lid is not aligned properly with the bottom wrap holder. According to her Red Copper Wrapper review, this design flaw makes it difficult to cut the wrap since the blade is not engaged correctly.

Another customer Krista Tucker shows disappointment towards Red Copper Wrapper in her reviews. She states in her review that the front of the cut off cover is warped and foils or wraps keeps falling off after every use.

Susie Dixon warns in her Red Copper Wrapper review that it is cheaply built and doesn’t cut anything with precision. Additionally, her Red Copper Wrapper review reveals that it slides while pulling out the wrap due to lack of feet.

A customer named Sheri Lowe complains in her Red Copper Wrapper review that its plastic bar inside the unit is not aligned well and eventually breaks. Her review also says that Red Copper Wrapper might work only on cheap wraps with less resistance.

Kristen Perkins, a customer who purchased Red Copper Wrapper has similar issues with it. As per her review the lid snaps back after use and jars the blade guard. Eventually it loosens and the purpose of using Red Copper Wrapper is gone. Her review suggests that if the dispenser had been heavy enough, the users could pull out the wrap quickly and easily.


Red Copper Wrapper Questions & Answers

Q. How can Red Copper Wrapper be refilled for use?
A. Red Copper Wrapper is designed to accommodate any standard size wrap including saran wrap, plastic wrap, wax paper, and aluminum foil.

Q. What is the procedure to assemble Red Copper Wrapper?
A. Red Copper Wrapper gets assembled very easily. Keep in mind that the legs snap in firmly and the tube holders are to be inserted into the ends by squeezing the fins.

Q. Does Red Copper Wrapper ship with rolls?
A. No, the customer will have to purchase it separately. Please note that large rolls will not fit inside it.

Q. Does Red Copper Wrapper come with any feature that allows mounting on the wall or under a cabinet?
A. No, it doesn’t have any such feature or accompany any mounting hardware. The user might have to try something themselves.

Q. Can Red Copper Wrapper work with parchment paper?
A. Yes, Red Copper Wrapper does hold many types of paper and foils including rolls of parchment paper.

Q. Does Red Copper Wrapper accommodate plastic wrap?
A. Yes, Red Copper Wrapper is perfect for standard size store brought plastic wraps.

Q. What size wraps will Red Copper Wrapper accommodate?
A. Users can put store brand standard size plastic wraps and aluminium foil. Reynolds brand aluminium foil rolls will not work in Red Copper Wrapper.


Red Copper Wrapper CLAIMS

Wrapping up Foods made Simple and Quick – Red Copper Wrapper has a compartment in which you can insert a wrap made of plastic, tin foil and even wax. You need to just pull out the roll and press the top part to sever it neatly in an instant. You don’t have to tug, tear or slit the wrap manually with both hands from the unit,which can create mess. Instead, its makers claim that simple pressing of the lid over the cling wrap and pulling it gently with another is enough to perform the task.

Safe, Convenient and effective – The promoters of Red Copper Wrapper assure you that there’s no way your hand could be hurt while using it as the cutter is placed inside the unit. Also, Red Copper Wrapper has non-slip grips, which enhance its safety quotient.

Easy to Store too – Red Copper Wrapper is a handy tool and has a compact design, which makes it easy to store.


What do I get?
Red Copper Wrapper costs $19.99 + $7.99 shipping | Official Website:

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