StoneChef Cookware REVIEW

What is StoneChef Cookware

it is a set of 3 non-stick frying pans with super induction technology and even heat distribution system that helps in cooking food an easy job.


StoneChef lets you cook with comfort

StoneChef Cookware supposedly is a set of 3 pans that can be used for cooking food with ease and in a much healthier way. Most frying pans come with a lot of promise but when it comes to perform they fail miserably. These claims and promises maybe in terms of cooking food with less or no oil, cleaning it with less efforts or being extremely durable for a long term use. StoneChef Cookware is said to be devised with technology that is invented with the purpose to negate all such drawbacks of regular frying pans.



StoneChef REVIEW

There are lot of points missing in the StoneChef Cookware website, they don’t tell you what stone is used in the cookware. They also don’t tell you where the cookware is made. Nowhere on the website do they mention that the StoneChef cookware is free of PTFE and PFOA. StoneChef cookware may contain LEAD if it is made in foreign country.

Kim who bought StoneChef Cookware revealed in her review that if the pan is seasoned then it works quite well and nothing gets burned. She adds that you can’t just clean the pan with a paper towel though. However you have to remember that the surface will start looking dull with seasoning from time to time. She also recommends putting cardboard between pans when storing them as it protects them from damages.


How is StoneChef Cookware made

Very dense clay is used in the making of StoneChef Cookware, which is turned to around 2400 degrees for a period of about 20 to 30 hours. It’s because of the firing conditions used the cookware is non-porous. This makes the clay non-absorbent and that’s why even if there is a crack in glaze it will not stain the dinnerware, according to its claims. You will also be pleased to find that StoneChef Cookware is chip-resistant and can work quite well in a dishwasher.

Some of the main benefits of StoneChef Cookware include the fact that it is stain and scratch resistant while being easy to clean as well. The cookware is highly durable too and can resist thermal resistant shock, just like porcelain does. As a result you can put it straight from the refrigerator into the oven and back without having to worry about it getting cracked. Its production might be simple but it is packed with long lasting qualities.


How to clean StoneChef Cookware
It’s recommended that you clean StoneChef Cookware with sponge or scrubber using hot water. You can remove the oil seasoning with soap; however it’s important to replace it so that you can cook perfectly the next time.

How to season StoneChef Cookware

It’s vital that you season your StoneChef Cookware before using it every time. It’s easily done and you can start with covering all surfaces with oil and placing it in the oven on medium heat for about 15 minutes. The stone will thus get darkened, which is expected with continued use.

Caring the StoneChef Pan

You need to take care while heating the stone slowly rather than putting it through a thermal shock. You will find that stone utensils are banded in most cases so that they stop small cracks from turning into large ones. What’s more, that also ensures that the utensils can be used even with small cracks. Stone will maintain heat like iron does, which is why you can use it for serving and you can make the most out of girdles to make pizzas and other table-top cooking of small sized foods.


Instructions for use – There are special instructions that have to be followed while using StoneChef Cookware. Remember that temperatures get to very high while cooking and that’s why you should not keep it immediately on a cold surface. You also need to avoid adding anything cold while it’s hot. It will ensure that there are no unwanted cracks on the cookware. You have to be careful while removing the cookware from the oven and children should always be kept away from it. Using cracked StoneChef Cookware is a strict no-no because it can break while cooking.

It’s ideal to thaw frozen foods before cooking. StoneChef Cookware is also porous; hence you might want to use different stone to cook for family members with allergies.


Advantages of StoneChef Cookware

StoneChef Cookware is said to be full of rich features that make it the best frying pan in the market today. Beginning with the design, it is stylishly crafted to accommodate desired amount of food in form of three differently sized pans of 20cm, 24 cm and 28cm each with a capacity of 0.95L, 1.75L and 2.4L respectively. Each pan in the StoneChef Cookware set comes with 2 layers of ceramic stone coating which is completely non-stick. This non-sticky nature helps in cooking food that consumes less oil and butter making it a healthier cooking option. StoneChef Cookware also claims to have a heat-resist aluminum coating on the exterior so that the durability of the pan is maintained and is safe to operate. It’s Bakelite and silicone handle is quite comfortable to handle and is said to be cool to touch for cooking at higher temperatures. The material used in StoneChef Cookware is 3003 aluminum alloy.

The highlight of StoneChef Cookware is supposedly its induction technology which is uniquely designed to facilitate the use of frying pans over stove or gas. Also the technology of StoneChef Cookware promises to have superior insulation and a system which helps in distributing heat evenly over the surface to avoid hotspots and badly cooked food. Also StoneChef Cookware claims to be so easy to clean due to its non-stick nature that it can be placed inside the dishwasher for a quick cleaning.


What do I get?

Get StoneChef Cookware 3 pan set just for $149.00.

2 Comments on "StoneChef Cookware REVIEW"

  1. Within 3 months all 3 handles (of the set) have been broken – they get burnt from inside and don’t hold anymore

  2. Angry customer | June 29, 2016 at 5:08 am | Reply

    This product is absolutely shit, I purchased a set of three fry pans used them as directed. Non stick my arse!!! We have only had them since April and everything sticks to them they are not easy cleaning like it mentioned either! When I contacted living social in regards to a refund as the product and quality was nowhere near what the description said it was capable of it was very misleading, the supplier replied and said it was my fault and I was misusing the product and took no responsibility at all for the shitty quality. In my opinion I would never recommend this product to anyone or this company as they do not take care of the customer. I also would not recommend using the livingsocial app either they didn’t do anything either to help me

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