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About Tornado Top

Tornado Top claims to be a universal lid with a fan designed to turn any pot or pan into a quick cooking stovetop convection oven. Tornado Top promises to be a fast, easy way to roast, bake and air fry without using your oven. This claim can only be substantiated once Tornado Top reviews come out.

Tornado Top CLAIMS

Tornado Top alleges that its universal silicone rim forms an airtight seal when you use it and when the battery operated convection fan is turned on it circulates the heat from your stovetop evenly around your food for faster cooking. Whether or not it works as promised is a question best left to be answered by Tornado Top user reviews.

Tornado Top states that it is perfect to air fry French fries without oil, bacon strips, and it perfectly cooks steaks in just 7 minutes, baked potatoes in half the time, cinnamon rolls, chicken tenders in no time and so much more! This claim can be proved only after we analyze the Tornado Top reviews.

Tornado Top also emphasizes that there is no need to pre-heat so you never have to wait. This claim of Tornado Top will be attested only once users review Tornado Top.

It asserts it is perfect for all copper cookware and fits any size pan from 9 to 11 inches. At this point of time there are no Tornado Top reviews to verify this claim.

Dishwasher safe
Tornado Top is dishwasher safe too! Order the Tornado Top today!

Tornado Top REVIEW

Mary Gregory claims in her review of the Tornado Top that it’s impractical and not easy to store without putting a permanent bend in the rubber edge. It is also not easy to clean because it’s just wrong to scrub rubber because there are lots of right angles in the rubber making it hard to clean.

Rhonda Howell says in her Tornado Top review that the fan is a joke. It has a very flimsy handle. She says she accidentally dropped it and the handle broke right after she received it!

Laverne Robbins has mixed reviews about the Tornado Top and states in her review of the Tornado Top that it picks up everything flying through the air. Everything sticks to it. However, she says she does like the snug fit.

Kayla Boone complains about the Tornado Top and says in her Tornado Top review- “This “universal” lid didn’t fit a standard Dutch oven which I had no lid for, as the handle had fallen off. Even though I measured my pan, and it was supposed to fit my size pan…it was too big. I had to return it.”

Donna Hudson is disappointed with the Tornado Top and says in her review that she specifically bought the Tornado Top for use with a 12″ pan, and it didn’t work. The rubber slid down the sides into the pan. She feels she should have purchased a metal universal lid.

Delores Schwartz is extremely disappointed with the Tornado Top and mentions in her Tornado Top review that she needed this lid for replacement on her spaghetti saucepan which was a 9.5 round, but the Tornado Top does not fit well at all.

Delores Schwartz complains in her Tornado Top review that it doesn’t fit her slow cooker.

In her review of the Tornado Top Lena Powell says that it’s okay if you are baking a small amount of something and don’t want to use a full sized oven but the doesn’t really cut baking time and it’s a hit or miss as to how long to cook.

Maryann Ortiz purchased the Tornado Top because she thought a glass lid would allow her to see the contents while cooking but the lid fogs up within a few seconds and that’s the end of visibility.

What do I get?
Tornado Top and Rapid Recipe Guide for only $39.99 include 3 piece Tornado Rack Set and a 10″ Copper Pan | Official Website:

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  1. Robert rotheram | December 13, 2017 at 3:42 am | Reply

    Don’t waste your money, the pan will not come clean. The manufacturer warranty is terrible. I would sooner go back to cast iron than to but this piece of garbage.

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