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Blue Diamond Pan REVIEW

Official website: BlueDiamondPan.com

About Blue Diamond Pan

Non-stick frying pans don’t remain truly non-stick after a few week’s use, the food sticks to the pans and creates mess. You need the Blue Diamond Non-stick fry pan that claim to be infused with millions of tiny diamonds.

Blue Diamond Pan

Blue Diamond Pan Features

The secret is diamond infused ceramic coating. The Blue Diamond pan is oven safe, they even claim it is safe to broil up to 850 Degree Fahrenheit. The makers of the Blue Diamond pan claim that their pan is 10 times stronger than the Copper Pans and last 10 times longer. It is also scratch resistant. They demonstrate the non-stick features of the pan in the video – they sand-papered the surface of the Blue Diamond and the Copper Pan, the Copper Pan begins to loose its “copper” finish but the Blue Diamond pan shows no signs of trouble and when they cooked an egg on both the pans after the sandpaper treatment, the egg got stuck to the Copper Pan but slided off seamlessly off the Blue Diamond pan cooking surface. They also whisked a egg in the pan to prove that it is 5 times scratch-resistant than the Copper Pans. They also melted a few plastic spoons in the pan to show how non-stick the Blue Diamond pan is.

Why Diamonds?
Diamonds transfer heat 4 times faster than Copper for even cooking.

Blue Diamond Cleaning
Blue Diamond Pan is dishwasher safe but it is recommended that you hand-wash the Blue Diamond Pan with a soft sponge in hot soapy water.

How to prepare the Blue Diamond Pan?
Just put some butter uniformly on the pan.

The Blue Diamond has a “Stay Cool” handle.

Can you season the Blue Diamond Pan?
Nope, you should not season the Blue Diamond Pan.
Special Instructions
Please use a little oil or butter (do not use spray oil) on the surface before heating. Do not heat the pan without food in it. Do not cook your food on high settings.

Blue Diamond Base
The Blue Diamond has a solid forged base that won’t let it warp or wobble.

Disadvantages of the Blue Diamond Pan

  • It does not remain “Non-stick” forever. After a few weeks the food begins to stick to the surface.
  • Easily warps even after moderate use.
  • Very thin.
  • After a few months the food cooked in the Blue Diamond Pan begins to burn especially the food that is at the center of the pan.
  • These are not REAL DIAMONDS.
  • Deceptive marketing practice.
  • The Blue Diamond Pan is no better than any other ordinary non-stick pan.
  • Teflon coated frying pans work far better than the Blue Diamond Pan.
  • Not suited for cooking on the Induction cooktop.
  • The even distribution of heat is not so good.
  • In a few months time Omelette begins to stick to the pan even with normal use.
  • You still have to pay $9 per Blue Diamond Pan to return them.
  • The top layer will begin to peel off after a few months.

Blue Diamond Pan Questions and Answers

Q. Are these real diamonds in the BLUE DIAMOND Pan?
A. Nope, do you think these are real diamonds, come on use your common sense. The word “Diamond” is just a marketing ploy.

Q. If not diamonds what is it?
A. Quartz crystals – the most abundant mineral found on the earth.

Q. How is the quality of the Blue Diamond Pan?
A. Very poor, it is thin layered and looks flimsy.

Q. Can I use metal spatula in the Blue Diamond Pan?
A. Nope, even though they claim the pan is scratch resistant, there is no surface that will remain scratch-resistant forever. So do not use metal utensils in the Blue Diamond Pan. Use wooden spatulas instead if you want your pan to last longer.

Q. Is the handle riveted?
A. Yes. 2 rivets.

Q. Is it oven safe?
A. Nope.

Q. Does scrambled eggs stick to Blue Diamond Pan?
A. Not when it is new, but down the line it will stick.

Q. What is the depth of the Blue Diamond Pan?
A. Approx 3 inches.

Advantages of Blue Diamond Pan

  • You get 2 Pans for $29
  • The Blue Diamond Pan comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.
  • Considering the price it is a fairly good offer
  • The Blue Diamond Pan is fairly a good non-stick frying pan if used for “light” cooking and if maintained properly.
  • 100% PFOA free and PFTE free

Our Verdict

The Blue Diamond Pan is type of Stone Frying Pan. It is just the top layer that is infused with the “blue diamond”. It is just another “as seen on tv” scam like the Red Copper, Gotham and Eric Theiss Copper Chef. The biggest benefit of the “Stone” frying pans like the Blue Diamond Pan is that they are PFOA free and PFTE free and non-stick. There are tons of TRUE non-stick STONE frying available at Amazon.com

Before buying a Non-stick pan you need to do some research online.

1. Search for “non stick frying pan buying guide”
2. Then learn what type of non-stick pans are available in the market (aluminium, ALUMINUM CLAD STAINLESS STEEL, ANODIZED ALUMINUM, STAINLESS STEEL, COPPER / STAINLESS STEEL)
3. Go through the benefits and pros and cons of each type of non-stick frying pans.
4. Considering your cooking method (induction, gas stove etc).
5. You should know the material used in the pans, layers, cooking surface material, thickness and other details.
6. Then make an informed decision about the pan that suits your need.

The marketers of the Blue Diamond Pan have gone several steps ahead of Red Copper, Gotham and Copper Chef in demonstrating the short-term features of their frying pan. Blue Diamond Pan is not a true non-stick frying pan. There are so many flaws in the way Blue Diamond Pan is promoted. They don’t tell you how many layers there are and the thickness of these layers.

There are plenty of other TRUE stone frying pans available all over the place. Just a simple search for “stone frying pan” or “ceramic frying pan” will list a dozen of frying pans that you are looking for, Vesuvio Ceramic Coated, Ozeri, TECHEF, Bialetti Granito Nonstick Fry Pan are some of the BRANDED alternatives to the Blue Diamond Pan. We would suggest buying one of these tried and tested frying pan and stay away from Blue Diamond Pan.

What do I get?

  • 2 Blue Diamond Pans
  • 1 Recipe book

Price: $28 | Official website: BlueDiamondPan.com

9 Comments on "Blue Diamond Pan REVIEW"

  1. Davene Dadiego | January 22, 2019 at 12:05 am | Reply

    I love my Blue Diamond set, i bought 2 sets. I’m looking different size pots, one in between the large and small in the set.
    I also bought the flat grill pan
    No need to put in dishwasher, they clean up so easy by hand!!

  2. Can you use with an induction plate?

  3. Used this pan a couple of times and now everything sticks to it. What a waste of my money

  4. Margaret Crahen | December 31, 2018 at 3:43 pm | Reply

    My blue diamond pan is a dud, every thing sticks and the handle is very hot.

  5. Richard Ashcraft | December 27, 2018 at 5:47 pm | Reply

    Handle get fire hot, cannot touch it without a hot pad. Needs a warning on packaging. Rate this product a 0

  6. Just purchased a blue diamond pan set 3 of the pans have chip what do I do

  7. The handle gets hot as hell. Will deliver burns if handled normally.

  8. Stephen D Hourihane | November 17, 2018 at 7:39 pm | Reply

    Why in the world does the FTC or any responsible consumer agency petition
    these quacks to prove its claim.
    Are TV networks so money hungry to air these deceptive ads.
    Buyers beware is not the answer
    Corporate responsibility is.

  9. Actually, diamonds aren’t that expensive at all, both natural and synthetic diamonds in the .5 micron to 500 micron size range between $0.50 to $1.10 / Carat ( 0.2 Grams ) and at that size a very little bit goes a long way so they are more then likely diamonds just not the type of diamonds people normally think about like those found in a ring.. But these pans are not worth buying even if they are real diamonds, the cheap aluminum pan is thin and it’s notoriously hard to get any coating to adhere to aluminum and have it last any meaningful amount of time, so while it might be nice to cook on for the first week after that it’s junk.. Also about the heat transfer, the attempt to make it sound better then copper, Real copper will transfer twice the heat as aluminium so maybe the manufacturer would like to explain how there aluminum pan will out pace the heat transfer of copper, do they think we will simply believe there numbers, or is all the science on metals wrong ?

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